Port of Shanghai

The Port of Shanghai (Chinese: 上海港; pinyin: Shànghǎi Gǎng), located in the vicinity of Shanghai, comprises a deep-sea port and a river port.

In 2010, Shanghai port overtook the Port of Singapore to become the world's busiest container port. Shanghai's port handled 29.05 million TEUs, whereas Singapore's was a half million TEU's behind.

In 2014, Shanghai port set a historic record by handling over 35 million TEUs.


The Port of Shanghai faces the East China Sea to the east, and Hangzhou Bay to the south. It includes the confluences of the Yangtze River, Huangpu River (which enters the Yangtze River), and Qiantang River.


The Port of Shanghai is managed by Shanghai International Port which superseded the Shanghai Port Authority in 2003. Shanghai International Port Company Limited is a public listed company, of which the Shanghai Municipal Government owns 44.23 percent of the outstanding shares.


During the Ming dynasty, what is now the city of Shanghai was a part of Jiangsu Province (with a small part in Zhejiang Province). While Shanghai had become a county seat in the Yuan dynasty, it remained relatively a small town.

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Typhoon Chanthu Expected to Linger off Port of Shanghai for Days

The Maritime Executive 14 Sep 2021
The storm did not inflict a direct hit on the key port areas of Ningbo-Zhoushan and Shanghai Yangshan, as had been initially feared, and its intensity has abated ... It will also drop as much as 10 inches of rain over the Shanghai / Hangzhou Bay region, according to forecasts by the Chinese Meteorological Administration....

Port of Shanghai Takes Steps to Address Container Short Supply

The Maritime Executive 10 Aug 2021
In response to the ongoing demand for empty containers and complaints from shippers of a lack of available equipment, the port of Shanghai announced a new initiative meant to speed the distribution of empties arriving at the port ... The port of Shanghai is opening an empty container transportation center designed to serve the Northeast Asian region....

Sand thieves and unreliable GPS near the Port of Shanghai

Boing Boing 20 Nov 2019
Mariners rely on GPS to avoid collisions, but increasingly they're finding GPS cannot be relied on near the Port of Shanghai. ... the open seas near Shanghai ... Read on at Technology Review for a primer on how GPS works, and the strange effects being observed near the Port of Shanghai....